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You want to get rid of that ugly tree stump, but you do not want to dig up your yard in the process or cause the plants around it too much disruption. What is the solution? You have several solutions for those times when you need to remove a tree stump without disrupting the garden around it.

stump grinder

Make It Part of the Garden

Have you thought about trying to decorate the stump and making it part of the garden? You can place other flowers or plants on top of the stump and make it a focal point of the garden. If this is not an alternative or the stump is in a position that is disrupting the look of the garden or inhibiting the plant growth for some of the plants in it, you can remove the stump in a few other ways.

Stump Grinding

If possible, you will want to hire a local arbor company to do this for you. You could also rent a stump grinding machine and do it yourself but be aware that you must use the right sized machine and you must learn how to operate it properly first. There are tutorials available for using these machines online and you can view them to get an idea of how to use them but if you are inexperienced, you want to be safe and let a professional do this for you.

stump grinding in action

You need to be mindful of rocks that may be around the stump and you need to be careful that you are not going to use the machine over any wires or pipes. Always check with your utilities before you do work like this. Using a grinder is hard work. The machine vibrates and can be difficult to hold on to. This is why you should let the professional arborists do this job for you,

The stump grinder will grind the stump down until the debris can be removed. The area left behind can easily be planted over. You can also choose to replace the grass there if you are removing a stump from your yard. You can ask your arbor company if they will let you hold onto the biodegradable debris left over from the removal. This is great for helping the rest of your garden grow.

Stump grinding only gets rid of the stump but leaves the rest of your yard or garden intact. If this is not the solution for you consider doing a chemical removal.

Chemical Removal

Your local garden or home supply store will have these products available. You drill holes into the stump and pour the removal chemical into the holes. This method can take a few weeks because it takes time for the potassium nitrite to the wood into a spongy substance. You can either remove the leftover substance yourself or you can burn the stump.

If you cannot find a way to work the stump into the design of your yard or garden, you can opt to get it ground or chemically removed. Your yard will be left looking beautiful again.